The dreaded first post!

As 2018 barreled into my hemisphere, I set a goal to start blogging again after a 4 year absence. My last posted and published entry was December 23, 2013. As with all things in our technology driven world, formats have changed for developing a website; some good and some pretty frustrating. The ones I once used are now something the dinosaurs might have tried, so I find myself learning new ways of designing and implementing the site. I’m utilizing WordPress this time, a platform I found difficult and mind boggling when I tried it a few years back. Now they provide a series of marvelous videos and it has unlocked their world to me. There will still be a learning curve but it is really kewl (see how hip I am?) to be learning something new and challenging. 

Tonight I just wanted to get something up on the site. The reason is twofold. I wanted to feel I had made the first step in committing to my goal and I needed to finish in time to watch the Golden Globes. It’s the only awards show I ever watch and this year will likely be one for the books. So I must bid you farewell for the evening.